About Your Wellness Counts…


Your Wellness Counts just as much as your family’s health & wellness do! Often we get busy taking care of others and we forget about ourselves! Luckily for all of you, I have realized this about myself! Now you are asking why are YOU the lucky ones?? The answer is, You ARE the lucky ones, because I have learned an amazing way to get more energy, have more mental focus, lose weight, and have confidence than ever before, and I am willing to share it with all of you!

In February 2014, I had found myself looking in the mirror at myself, and finally confirming what I had been trying to ignore. I was a 38-year-old wife and Mom of three, who had forgotten about myself while making sure my family was well taken care of.  Who I saw in the mirror wasn’t who I wanted to be. I looked so unhealthy, Bags under my eyes, because I could never get enough sleep.  I was always exhausted, so exercise was out of the question!  The worst part was I had become not just a little on the chubby side, I was fat!  I knew I had to do something, I could not keep living such an unhealthy lifestyle. I turned to Advocare.  Fast forward to today, I am healthier than ever! I eat sensible food, but I do believe a bit of everything is ok in moderation. After all, we only have one life, we do have to enjoy it!  I have much more energy, which means I am active! So active that I have lost 30lbs & 20″! Advocare has helped me go from a size 16 to a size 8!

Now, its time for me to help all of you feel as great as I do! Everyday I will be posting wellness tips and facts and how Advocare can help you! If you do decide to join the Advocare family, you won’t be sorry!  You will be seeing and feeling results in no time! What do you have to lose? Nothing…you know why?? Because YOUR WELLNESS COUNTS!

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